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Vegan and GF food in London - part 1

Now, this isn't exactly a travel article, mostly we'll be talking about how much we ate and Tom could go on and on about how good the Sicilian cannoli were even though they were gluten-free and vegan.

And that's precisely the focus of this article: vegan food in London, volume 1.

Elia is intolerant to many things and people, so we looked for a nice place for lunch together that had excellent gluten-free and vegan food and wasn't too crowded.

Unbelievable: we found it, and at reasonable prices too.

The pizzas were fantastic, and there was the option to try three smaller sizes so we could taste a variety! Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves.

Silvia has had some history with gluten-free food, so she was a bit hesitant at first, but the Italian kitchen staff, the fresh and lively atmosphere, and the pizza dough won her over completely.

As mentioned, Tom died at the dessert stage, won over by a proper Sicilian cannolo.

The cheesecake was also really good and highly recommended.


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