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Italian cuisine for beginners.

First of all, I am not a very good cook, as I was trying to tell to Tom. I’m Just Italian, so I’ve learned how to mix and stir ingredients as I learned the alphabet at school. 

It was not until I got to London that I realised some families or person do not have a proper instruction on food, on their matches and qualities, properties and variety. 
That is what I will try to show you.

Fast-everyday cooking recipe for lazy cooks, better in any possible way than take away or fast food, healthy without tasting wood.

Important note:
Please, remember this only golden rule: the recipe is good like that. 
No need to add mayo, ketchup, soya or any other fantasy sauce.

Not before having tried it before like that: every time that happens, an Italian dies.

Thank you and buon appetito!

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