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Getting Tom To Walk Part 1.

One of our first roundabouts in London started with an unexpected breakfast. Just behind the Church of Saint Paul, we found a table with lots of stone animals, and we stopped for tea! We guessed it was very Alice in Wonderland style!

After that, we got pretty hungry, and a Franco Manca was just there waiting for us. That was curious: Tom kept asking for pepperoni pizza, saying that it is the most delicious. I was quite incredulous: Tom asking for vegetables on pizza?! Only days later, I finally figured out the mystery: pepperoni pizza is pizza with salami. Guys, trust me. Pepperoni is not a vegetable. Who knows where this misunderstanding comes from!

Anyway, once full of food, we thought it was a good idea to climb to the top of the church (tip for the readers: climb before eating). The views were breath-taking, and we had so much fun people-watching and making up stories about the passers by.

As we walked across the Millennium Bridge, I couldn't stop jumping, trying to make it move. We passed by the Tate (we’ll be back next time) and had a nice, peaceful walk home, which is quite far from there. It took us around two hours.

Fortunately (for me), the London Eye was under maintenance, and we walked on to Westminster Bridge, up to the Abbey, where we both geeked out over the history and architecture. I have never been inside, and it was already closed, so we will have to go another time.

The sofa welcomed us home. We were really tired but satisfied! I’m getting Tom to walk; he really needs to improve, but I’m getting there. You’ll see!

Cheers, Silvia

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