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Cinema Night! Dungeons & Dragons

"Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" is exactly what I expected it to be - a riotously entertaining, family-friendly film that isn't painfully squeezed out of my favourite game, unlike Jeremy Irons' hopeless attempts in previous previews.

"Honor Among Thieves" has immediately likable characters, plenty of action, and funny jokes, including some great axe-based fights (which I loved) and a running joke about potatoes.

The story is simple, which helped me since we saw the movie in English. It allows the viewer to focus on the characters and their similarities to the game. Additionally, the film is exceptionally well-cast.

Chris Pine is at his best as a bard (my favorite class, by the way), and Michelle Rodriguez brings to life a perfect barbarian with a soft heart. The shapeshifting girl was also a standout character, and a bit overpowered.

As always, Hugh Grant plays his role so well that you just want to punch his face.

I enjoyed "Honor Among Thieves" as it transported me back in time to when I used to play the game seriously every week.

I really miss the excitement of the Forgotten Realms, getting lost between the elven woods and the guild of thieves.

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