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A Trip To The Stars.

As a birthday gift for Tom (yes, I am spoiling him a bit), I organized a trip to Greenwich for a day "between the stars". Elia, Tom and I left early in the morning to get to the National Maritime Museum to see the exhibition Photography of the year – astronomy section.

That was GLORIOUS, honestly. We really loved it a lot, and then we got to Greenwich market for lunch, where we had delicious rosemary fries.

After buying some gluten-free bread and some other sweets, we climbed the hill up to the Planetarium where we saw a show about the solar system. Although the show was nice, it did not meet our expectations at all: really didn’t worth the price of the ticket.

We took a stroll, being mindful not to cross the meridian line and change the time zone.

We enjoyed a fantastic boat tour on the River Thames, which took us back to Westminster.

Finally, we had a very nice home-made dinner and watched a movie comfy on the sofa."


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